Throughout 2015, Outdated Server Hardware Will Drive IT Spending

Posted by Global 1 Resources on 27th Apr 2015

A large portion of IT spending in 2015 will be put toward upgrading outdated computer server racks and enclosures, as well as other hardware, software and services, as enterprises move to modernize before the Microsoft Server 2003 End of Service date approaches in July.

According to Spiceworks' 2015 IT Budget Report, 50% of the IT professionals surveyed said their equipment, including computers, laptops, server hardware and server rack enclosures, is more than four years old. Even more shocking? About 20% of respondents said their IT equipment is more than seven years old, a January 27 The Var Guy article reports.

When the Windows Server 2003 expires on July 14, the 65% of survey respondents who still use Windows Server 2003 will also be forced to switch to newer software for their servers in order to maintain optimal security.

As a result, the majority of IT enterprises and professionals will need to give their computer server racks and equipment a major upgrade. Each year, the computer server manufacturing industry brings in about $14 billion in revenue worldwide -- and it's safe to say this year will be an above-average one, if the Spiceworks survey is any indication.

And already, one tech company is hoping to capitalize on this need to upgrade. According to a January 21 Wall Street Journal article, Oracle is aggressively pushing its server hardware with low prices and high performance.

In a recent press conference, Oracle Chairman Larry Ellison unveiled the company's newest comprehensive system of server hardware, which will sell for about half of other companies' comparable servers -- and run considerably faster as well.

With America's 334 computer server manufacturing companies offering increasingly competitive prices and performance levels for their servers, there's never been a better time for IT enterprises to give their hardware and software the much-needed updates they deserve.

Will your company be upgrading its old server hardware in 2015? Why or why not? Share your thoughts and ask any questions by leaving a comment below.