Data Center Space Requirements

Data Center Rack and Size Space Requirements


A good practice in managing data center racks involves investing well, this means in both the servers and the server room. Your server room should be able to provide the necessary protection for the data housed in your servers. One of the primary considerations when planning for your server room is to identify the appropriate size of the room. The space that your server room will require depends on the amount of rack space needed for routers, switches and computers that you plan on acquiring. Technology trends are moving towards smaller and smaller servers, but if you have the requirements of large data center, you may require several hundred servers that will need to be housed in a larger space. No matter how large or how small your requirements are, it is important that you allow for some room for expansion. If your business operations require a smaller data center, it would be wise to allot an equally compact space for your servers. Go for wall-mounted enclosures such as the Kendall Howard 8u Security WallMount enclosure. Global 1 Resources offers 9-unit, 18-unit, and 14-unit wall-mounted enclosures that help you save on space. If you have larger data center requirements, Global 1 Resources offers Dell PowerEdge, HP, G1-Universal, Chatsworth, Compaq server enclosures that come in 47, 42, 36, 24, 22, and 14-unit enclosures. Beyond room size, it is also vital that your server room complies with certain specifications that help protect your investment:

  • Dimensions for the server room door should measure 8 feet tall and 42 inches to 48 inches wide.
  • Floors should have an antistatic finish.
  • Sound isolation for walls, ceiling, and doors.
  • No windows to reinforce security, as well as environmental and sound protection.


Your server room's size will depend on the number of server mounts that you plan to acquire. Get the footprint of one mount and use a diagramming program such as Microsoft Visio to plot out how you plan to arrange these and the amount of space it will eat up. Most companies use 19-inch rack cabinets arranged in a single row that allows access to the front and rear of each mount. Local building codes may also prescribe minimum ceiling heights and other requirements so be sure to look up these codes at your location.


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