Pulse™ Server Rack Enclosures are designed to rack mount all 19" servers in today's markets. The new Pulse™ series enclosures adapts to all Dell PowerEdge, HP, APC, Panduit, Sun, IBM, Super Micro, and Cisco equipment as well as many other brands and rack mount equipment.  Each server cabinet comes with adjustable mounting posts allowing for deep, long custom server installs.  Global 1 Resources designs all of our cabinets with the customer in mind.  Each rack comes with our lock-tight door design allowing 80% more ventilation for your servers.   All of our Server Racks are designed with the capability to easily upgrade your locking system.  Standard keyed locks come equipped with each rack.  However, we can upgrade your rack to combination/master key lock, or assist you with bio metric locking systems.  Manage each rack by row or single electronic locks.  Server racks are important to every business large or small, including large data center facilities. With the increase of technology surrounding us daily, Global 1 Resources is dedicated to offering you top quality Server Racks at prices you can afford.  Our quality to price ratio is guaranteed, and unbeatable.  All of our Pulse™ series products are backed by our #1 rated customer support and 1YR warranty