Server Rack-Mounting Options

Server Racks & Mounting Options


You’ve got your sever room ready, with all the equipment you need. Now, how do you organize your precious equipment to maximize space and cooling? There are a host of configurations for server racks, enclosures, and cabinets to choose from. Server racks, also called LAN racks, computer racks, relay racks, network work centers, help minimize the space used by your equipment. A server rack is comprised of a frame (4-post or 2-post) with several rack shelves. Server racks can carry anywhere from 8 to 42 units.


Open & Enclosed Server Racks


There are two main types of server rack configurations: the open server rack and the enclosed rack cabinet. If you’ve got a very secure server room with high heat load concerns, look for open server racks such as the 41U Kendall Howard Server Rack Frame offered by Global 1 Resources. Open racks are easy to expand and customize, they also allow for easy access to the servers for maintenance and troubleshooting. The open-rack server configuration is also cheaper as it does away with doors and other enclosures. If your server room is not as secure, you had better go with enclosed server cabinets. These offer better security than open-frame racks against tampering and dust. These enclosed server racks also feature lockable front doors, a ventilation system, and cabinet accessories (blanking panels, fixed mount shelves, sliding drawers).


Cabinets & Racks in Many Sizes


Global 1 Resources offers a full line of server enclosures and accessories. These include Dell PowerEdge, HP, G1-Universal, Chatsworth, Compaq server enclosures that come in 47, 42, 36, 24, 22, and 14-unit cabinets. Whether enclosed or open-frame, these equipment racks are best used by properly estimating the weight, power requirements and heat generated by each rack in the server room. These estimates will help you manage any expansion or reorganization. Properly label all your server room racks and equipment with their appropriate server names and IP address. If there are persons assigned to maintain or administer these equipment, it would be best to have that indicated in the labels as well. Other important pointers for organizing your server racks and mounting are

  • Limit maximum electrical density of computing equipment to 300 watts per square foot.
  • Attach seismic bracing and proper grounding to server racks and mounting.
  • Observe proper clearance according to manufacturer specifications
  • Assign at least one phone to the server room.
  • Provide adequate fire suppression system for the server room.


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