Dell Rail Kits

Dell poweredge server rack rail kits provide easy orginazation for all Dell servers. Dell offers three different style of rail kits for Dell servers. Dell rail kits will only work with Dell servers. You can always look into the support rail provided on this site for non-rackmount rails. As for the three different rails that Dell offers, you can choose from rapid rails, versa rails, and 2 post rails. Rapid rails are used to connect the square hole tab into the 4 mounting posts in server cabinets. Versa rails will allow you to connect into a round or threaded hole and screw the rail into the server racks 4 posts. Your 2 post rails are used to connect into the standard 2 post rack otherwise known as a "relay or telecom rack". Each rail kit is specific in it own design. Please be sure to double check the server and rail kit before ordering. Global1Resources will be stocking these rail kits for you soon...... Please check back with us!


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