This One Piece of IT Equipment Is Essential for Tech Startups Everywhere

Posted by Global 1 Resources on 1st Nov 2015

With the advent of cloud computing, the popularity of mobile apps, and the vast data needs of businesses everywhere, now is the perfect time for tech startups to form. Yet these businesses need more than proper staffing and office space. They also need the right technology to take part in these advances.

But all the computers, tablets, smartphones, and other devices are nothing if they don't have properly maintained servers to handle all that data. Additionally, if those servers aren't stored in the right environment, then they could run into problems in the future. That means keeping servers in a clean room and stored properly within the right kinds of server rack enclosures.

Which types of rack enclosures does your business need? You might think that these cabinets are all created equally, but it turns out that they're not. For one thing, there's size. Server racks are measured in terms of the number of units they can hold; therefore, a 1u server rack, which measures 1.75 inches, would only hold one unit. A typical 19- or 23-inch server rack, however, can hold anywhere from 42 to hundreds of servers, depending upon the number that it's built for. In general, 42u and 48u will be the largest varieties of server racks available.

Next, server enclosures need to do just that: enclose the computers and servers that they hold. Yet just because these cabinets are closed doesn't mean they can't properly ventilate the technology contained within them. OpenXtra reports that server room temperatures should go no lower than 50 degrees Fahrenheit and no higher than 82 degrees; most data centers, however, operate at temperatures between 68 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit. Keeping servers in a reliable and climate controlled room is crucial, but the server racks they are kept on also matter.

Finally, there's one more important question that businesses have to answer: How much is in the budget for server racks? Tech startups and established firms alike don't have to buy new in order to find quality server racks. Buying used server rack enclosures means getting a fully refurbished product without having to buy new. Although purchasing a used server rack might sound like opting for whatever's cheapest, these cabinets can actually be just as high quality as new ones.

If you're not sure about which server racks would suit your company's IT needs, make sure to get in touch with us to find the solutions you need.