How to Help Avoid Fires in Your Server Rooms |

Posted by Marcos Garza on 24th Feb 2014

Avoid Fires in Your Server Rooms

Did you know that cramped and disorganized server rooms are especially susceptible to fires? Keeping servers safe requires regulated temperatures and maximum efficiency, especially in terms of space. What are some of the key components companies need to look for in a server store room?

Consider Climate and Temperature

Certain climate conditions and temperatures may increase the likelihood of server racks overheating, or even catching fire. Companies, however, have been taking precautions to curb these risks for a number of years. The first computer and server rooms made use of halon gas. Halon gas reduces risks of overheating and fire, but it can also significantly threaten the ozone layer and human health. Today, companies typically favor inert gases, like nitrogen and argon, to keep computers and equipment safe.

Make the Most of Spacing

Regulating temperatures and keeping servers cool, however, becomes increasingly complicated as a greater number of servers are introduced. The reason is simple. The more servers companies pack into a finite space, the greater likelihood that these servers will overheat or even burst into flame. Facebook is tackling this problem head-on, experimenting with large volumes of servers in a single space. The company's aims, dubbed The Open Compute Project, strive to support a high volume of servers with adequate cooling.

Well-chosen server rack enclosures also address overheating, and help companies make the most of physical resources (such as server or storage rooms). Companies should purchase server enclosures with expansion and growth, and a projected amount of future servers, in mind. In addition to posing safety and fire risks, David Cappuccio, Gartner chief of research, reveals, "A growing firm that fails to redesign its data centres will rapidly run out of space to house its servers." Another important consideration is the exact use of space. Many businesses owners consider horizontal storage space only, according to Companies should keep in mind that server racks often make economical use of both horizontal and vertical planes.

Quality server rooms require two main considerations, the regulation of temperatures and the most efficient use of space. Inert gases act as one of the preliminary defenses against overheating and fires. Keeping many different servers organized within a limited space (using server racks) is also largely responsible for ensuring that servers rooms are safe.