Used Server Rack for Sale

When it comes to server racks, Global 1 Resources is the worldwide leader. Whether you're a small business, or a Fortune 500 company, there is a variety of sizes and options to fit your needs. It's imperative to keep your company's servers and data secure -- which is why you need the best racks to shelter them.

Global 1 Resources offers six different brands of new and used server racks for sale: APC, Compaq, Dell, HP, Kendall Howard, and Universal. Regardless of what you choose, all Global 1 Resource products are properly inspected, cleaned, and protected before you receive them.

APC/Dell Server Racks: There are currently many options available from both APC and Dell, and some made from both companies. The DELL AR3100X717 SX, for example, is made by APC. It offers a lot of space, adjustable square hole mounts for easy installation, and leveling feet.

Compaq Server Racks: Right now there is only one Compaq model server rack available, but it's the cost-effective Compaq 9142. It's designed for mid-sized servers and features perforated doors that allow the unit to breathe more freely. It also has individual 'U' spacing for the standard 19" rackmount posts.

HP Server Racks: The HP server racks range in size and price, from the small 14U to the much bigger 48U. Many of their unit feature side panels with divided sections to make it easier to install and access your equipment.

Kendall Howard: The Kendall Howard server racks are one of the best on the market today. These are often custom made and we currently do not have any generic models available. Contact us directly to learn about placing an order for Kendall Howard products and we'll do the best we can to get you the rack server that suits your needs.

Universal Server Racks: These are universal server racks designed and manufactured by Global 1 Resource ourselves. They are made of 16 gauge rolled-steel and will fit virtually any 19" rack mount.