Server Rack Enclosures

server rack enclosuresMost IT companies operate their own servers, but they may underestimate the importance of keeping those machines well-maintained. Server rack cabinets are vital for businesses because they keep IT equipment cool and dust-free. One issue that a business may run into, though, is not knowing how large or small of a server rack enclosure they need. Factors to take into consideration include current IT needs along with future ones, so room to expand may be important; businesses also need to consider cost and whether they want to buy new or refurbished server racks.

Which size server rack enclosures does your company need? Use this quick and easy guide to determine your system requirements:

Small Server Rack Enclosures
How might small server rack enclosures be used? For one thing, they are designed for smaller server units, so businesses with fewer IT needs can certainly benefit from them. These cabinets may only hold one or two units, so they will be sized as 1u or 2u; others may be designed for greater capacity. These may also be small enough to fit under a desk or on a shelf. This is an ideal setup for businesses that don't project major growth in the near future or want to keep their operations small. Smaller server rack enclosures may also be used for backup IT equipment in the event that a main server goes down.

Medium to Large Server Rack Enclosures
For businesses that primarily work in the field of IT, larger server racks are a necessity. Whether they store data in a clean room or just need one large cabinet for a server closet, the cabinets should be able to hold the servers you have and provide room for expansion in the future. Businesses that require several server rack cabinets may want to consider buying them refurbished in order to save money and help reduce waste.

Are you unsure whether you need a large or small server rack enclosure? Contact us, so we can determine your IT needs.